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This is where I put information regarding my Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. You can easily find relevant information here without having to save a bunch of files.

The Story

In the Cosmere Universe, in the Scadrian System, on the planet Scadrial, in the Final Empire, there is a man called the Lord Ruler. The Lord Ruler is a Mistborn and a full Feruchemist. The most powerful man in the world. And you’re going to stop him.

The Lord Ruler governs his people with an iron fist. The Skaa starve in the streets while the nobles hold parties every weekend. Poverty and serfdom are common. Skaa working under plantation owners just to survive. But if a Skaa looks at a noble the wrong way he gets a beating. It’s slavery.

It’s time to put a stop to this broken government. With the help of Kelsier, your party will work together to bring down the Lord Ruler.

The World

The world is fucked.

The Magic


Allomancy is the power to burn metal alloys inside yourself. When a person is born with the hereditary Allomantic ability, they cannot burn metals until the Allomantic ability is awakened in them. The process of Allomancy being activated within a person is called Snapping. Snapping usually requires intense trauma or emotion, though there are other ways of Snapping.

Once an Allomancer has Snapped, they will feel a reserve of power in their stomach when they have ingested a metal they can burn. The metals are usually ingested by drinking specifically prepared metal vials, which contain metal flakes in an alcohol solution. An Allomancer will either be able to burn a single metal--who are called Mistings--or they will be able to burn every metal--the Mistborn.


A Feruchemist can use metals to store attributes in metal, somewhat like a battery (called a Metalmind). The larger the piece of metal is, the more of that attribute can be stored. A Feruchemist can draw upon their metals in increased, compounded qualities, but the faster they do this, the lesser returns they receive. For example: If your Metalmind is at 100% capacity, you can draw 1% per second and get your full power (100%) for 100 seconds. You can draw 2% per second and get double your power (200%) for 50 seconds. You can draw 3% per second and get a bit more than double your power (250%) for 33 seconds.

To store an attribute in a Metalmind a Feruchemist must go without that attribute for as long as they’re filling it. To store speed in a Steelmind you must be slow, to store strength in a Pewtermind you must be weak. The time it takes to fill a Metalmind depends on the size of the Metalmind. Metalminds can only be used by the Feruchemist who stored the attribute unless it is mixed with the metal Nicrosil.


Hemalurgy is the transfer of attributes, such as Allomancy or Feruchemy. A spike is inserted into a bind point, such as the heart, to Hemalurgically charge it. The spike is then embedded in the recipient, stapling the ability directly into the spiritual DNA. After the spike pierces the subject and is Hemalurgically charged, the Law of Hemalurgic Decay states that the spike loses some of its potency. The longer a spike is outside a body, the weaker it becomes. The subject that the attribute is stolen from often dies during this process.

Example: An Allomancer is pierced through the heart with a spike, their Allomantic ability is transferred into the spike, the spike is then inserted into a new person, granting them a weaker version of the Allomancy.



Kelsier is the leader of the rebel group currently trying to overthrow the Lord Ruler. He is a powerful Mistborn. He is described as a middle-aged man with hawkish features and light blonde hair. He has long thin scars covering his arms as a result of his time mining Atium at the Pits of Hathsin.

Kelsier became the leader of a thieving group in his early adulthood. His wife Mare was also part of the crew. They were quite successful stealing from noble families. Despite having amassed enough wealth to live comfortably, Kelsier continued planning more heists. The last heist they planned was to steal the Lord Ruler’s Atium cache, which they believed to be in Kredik Shaw, the Lord Ruler’s palace. During the heist Mare’s Allomancy was detected and they were captured. They were both sent to the Pits of Hathsin as slaves to mine Atium for the Lord Ruler.

At the Pits, all slaves are required to mine a single geode of Atium every week, otherwise they face death. Sixteen months into their enslavement, Kelsier failed to meet his weekly quota. Mare convinced him to take her geode, claiming that she had found two that week. Later, Kelsier discovered she had given him the only geode she had, and was forced to was as Mare was beaten to death by the guards.

Kelsier protested violently, earning him a severe beating himself. During his beating, Kelsier Snapped. With his newly awakened Mistborn powers he murdered every guard at the Pits and escaped. He is credited as the first person to ever escape the death camp, and was henceforth known as the Survivor of Hathsin.

Lord Ruler

The Lord Ruler is a Mistborn, a full Feruchemist, and has some Hemalurgic metal in his body. He is very tall and generally described as handsome. He has pale skin and black hair. He is approximately 1,050 years old. Through severe Allomantic and Feruchemical compounding he was able to retain his youth through the years.

The Lord Ruler gained his power from the Well of Ascension one thousand years ago. Using the power of Preservation, he reshaped the world. He moved the world closer to the sun in an attempt to burn away the mists. This made the world hotter. He created active volcanoes to spew ash into the sky to cool down the world. This created ashfalls that made the world uninhabitable. He changed plant life and humans so they could survive the ash, and created microbes to slowly eat away the ash on the ground. He created the Inquisitors and the Koloss, and turned his friends into the first generation of Kandra. Lastly, he turned himself into a Mistborn.

After his transformation he used his power to conquer the world. He was obsessed with order and subjugated all but ten foreign kings. He turned these kings into Mistborn using beads of Lerasium found at the Well of Ascension. These kings were the original nobles and all modern Allomancers can be traced back to them.


The gods Preservation and Ruin are counterparts. One cannot exist without the other. They are balanced. The two of them made a deal: They would work together to create sentient life on the planet. Preservation would be allowed to put a piece of itself in humanity, but Ruin would eventually be allowed to destroy the world. When the time came for Ruin to have its turn, Preservation broke their deal. Preservation sacrificed its mind to create a prison for Ruin, limiting both of their power. The Mists were left behind by Preservation to awaken Allomancy in the inhabitants of the world.


Preservation fuels Allomancy. It seeks to provide stability to the world and its inhabitants. “If preservation had complete dominance over a planet, he would make everyone and everything remain frozen out of fear that they would get hurt” -Ati


Ruin fuels Hemalurgy. It seeks to cause change in the world. It is not inherently evil, but its destructive actions often cause chaos and death.

Character Creation

Choose one of the classes, then choose one of their available Allomantic metals, then choose a Feruchemical metal. You will not be using any standard magic, only what I have listed here. You can be any race/subrace you like. Use the standard point array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, and 8. Give yourself whatever starting equipment you would normally have that isn't magical. Personality, including alignment, is completely up to you. Try to give yourself a reason for working towards overthrowing the Lord Ruler, or let me provide one.


Pewter -- Enhances physical strength
Steel -- Pushes on nearby metals (Except Aluminum)
Iron -- Pulls on nearby metals (Except Aluminum)


Tin -- Enhances all senses
Bronze -- Can sense nearby Allomancers burning metals
Steel -- Pushes on nearby metals (Except Aluminum)


Tin -- Enhances all senses
Bronze -- Can sense nearby Allomancers burning metals
Copper -- Hides nearby Allomantic pulses


Zinc -- Enflames the emotions of a target
Brass -- Dampens the emotions of a target
Copper -- Hides nearby Allomantic pulses

Feruchemical Metals

Iron -- Stores weight
Steel -- Stores speed
Tin -- Stores senses
Pewter -- Stores strength
Zinc -- Stores mental speed
Chromium -- Stores luck